Email Notifier doesnt work when using SVN commits as trigger


Hey guys,
I want my build configuration to send me a mail when a build process is done. I always want to get the result of the build as a mail. Currently, it only works when I manually press run but when my build process runs after a commit trigger I don't get any mails. 
Here is my setup in my Notifier-Options:

Events related to following projects and build configurations:

-Spielwiese(incl. Test 3 & Test 1)

Send notification when:

-Build fails

-Build is succesful.


Can you tell me whats wrong ?

Kind regards

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Hi Thomas,


your config (and also judging from your other post) seems correct, so I'd recommend setting up the debug diagnostics and checking the notification logs to see whether there is anything going wrong with those notifications. If you need assistance going through those logs, please feel free to send those to us using the Submit a request button on top of this page.


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