Build a specific branch on a build configuration that is using GIT VCS and many branches specifications


I've set a build in TC that is connected to a Git VCS that returns many branches (when I run a build, I have to choose one branch in the list).

For a specific build, I need to prevent user to choose a branch in the list and force to checkout the branch "release/release"
So 've set branch filter option to :
I expect that since there is only one branch it would use it by default ... but it's not working ...

Also I tried to add a setting in the build configuration "" set to "release/release", but this is not working too ...

Can you help me ?

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Hi Dominique,


It would be useful to know how exactly you have configured the vcs setup to do that, as that's not default behavior. Also where have you set the branch filter to that value. There are multiple branch filters that could be involved here so understanding exactly what is configured where would be useful.


The most logical solution would be to define the default branch and branch specification in the vcs root itself as build parameters (such as %default.branch% and %branch.specification% for example, provide them with sane default values at the project level and override those values in the build configuration. That way, all other build configurations will keep working, while this in particular will only have the one branch available to it.


Would that work for you?


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