Multiple Text Failure Acquisition

We have TeamCity configured to run Unity and we were hoping to configure better build overviews as not everyone is comfortable parsing the entire log for the piece that they actually care about.

During preliminary testing we ran into a problem. What we wanted to do was test for some regex expression in the log like "somefile.cs(xx, xx): error CSXXXX" and output it to the overview after flagging as an error using BuildFailureOnText. This functions mostly correctly, except didn't yield entirely the result we were hoping for. Instead of printing every occurrence (I'd like to point out we have 'stopBuildOnFailure' turned off so the build continues running) it will only capture the first result.

After trawling the forums and API a bit it seems that since TeamCity tests the regex line by line there's not really much of a clever way to finagle a regex result that can capture all of the lines including this expression. It appears that regardless of whether or not the build continues running to its natural conclusion, TC ceases testing the lines for that failure condition.

There doesn't appear to be an obvious API flag or piece missing. Before moving on I wanted to ask - Is it possible to use the BuildFailureOnText to post multiple matches or are we barking up the wrong tree? 

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