Schedule Trigger not resetting Build Counter

We have a build chain where the first build assigns build number by incrementing the counter and rest of the builds in the same chain use the same build number via snapshot dependency. The last build has the schedule trigger to run every 4 hours. Currently the trigger runs every 4 hour but i dont see the build number incrementing. Any suggestions where to look for problem. Thanks in advance
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Hi Tushar,


it's hard to say without knowing your setup. You say that the first build increments the counter. Does it do manually or does it let teamcity itself do it? Can you review the setup to ensure that it's correct? Are you refering to the build counter or the build number? You've mentioned both and they are different, so it would be important understanding which one.


If you are using teamcity's build counter, it should be incremented automatically, and displayed in the build counter field.

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Thanks Denis! Apologies for the delayed response!

It seemed to have auto corrected with removing the "Do not run new build if there is a suitable one" checkbox in Snapshot dependency. 


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