The mix of top-level and project-level settings scripts is not supported


I am migrating a large project to Kotlin. Our current project hierarchy is something like this, where one sub project has been migrated and the rest remain managed by the gui:





Right now "Kotlin_SubProject" has its own settings.kts file. I would like to make a settings.kts file for each project, similar to how the generated dsl looks. I created files similar to the generated DSL that generate the XML I would expect and have no problem building the project in my IDE. When I push to TeamCity however, I received the following error:

The mix of top-level and project-level settings scripts is not supported. To proceed, remove the project-level scripts: .teamcity/Kotlin_SubProject1/settings.kts, .teamcity/Kotlin_SubProject2/settings.kts

I have no other settings.kts files, so I do not understand what the top-level project is or how to remove it.

Alternatively, is there a better way to have multiple Kotlin projects as subprojects of a gui project? Making my new projects subprojects of the existing Kotlin managed project is not an option.

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Hi Ian,


If the parent of the projects is not in Kotlin, it should be possible to have all projects with kotlin, that should not be an issue, although to be clear, do you have all the subprojects in the same repository? The issue might arise if you have multiple settings.kts in the same repository, because teamcity expects a single one to have as the project one. Otherwise, you can use the non-portable DSL instead of the portable one


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