Bring back the old interface


We now got upgraded to TeamCity Enterprise 2019.2 (build 71499), and the interface changed quite a lot and became many times less efficient.


The Overview tab became a mess:

* there is no clear separation between the parts;

* Strange ugly green line that supposed to show the progress;

* I don;t get the right and importand information from the screen anymore:

** e.g. HOW MUCH TIME left for the build to finish??? WHTF, why do I have to press the dropdown? WTF, I spend a couple minutes searching for this info!


The new interface has no lines so it's just now possible to understand the "boundaries". Who ever came with this design? 

This is not a toy, this is a tool. It has to be functional, then beautiful. 

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First of all, let me thank you for the feedback on the UI. We do appreciate your opinion and ideas about how the TeamCity UI is approached. With that said, it sounds like you might be using the Experimental UI and that is able to be changed back to the Classic View that you are used to. Hopefully, you see a little triangle-shaped button in the top-right of your TeamCity UI. If you are in the Experimental UI, this will bring you back to the interface you're used to. If not, let me know and we can figure out what is going on.

We have created an issue to process your feedback here:

If you are interested in, you could subscribe to task updates.


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