Build artifacts missing files


I'm trying to reuse the build from one build configuration in another build configuration, so I created an artifact dependency that is supposed to take the project folder with the built application in it, but the problem is that the artifact from the first build configuration doesn't include the bin folder

the artifact path in the first build configuration is like this

/src/Registry/Unimaze.Registry.Services => /src/Registry/Unimaze.Registry.Services
/src/Registry/Unimaze.Registry.SoapWS => /src/Registry/Unimaze.Registry.SoapWS

and the artifact dependency configuration in the second build configuration is like this:

src/Registry/Unimaze.Registry.Services => src/Registry/Unimaze.Registry.Services
src/Registry/Unimaze.Registry.SoapWS => src/Registry/Unimaze.Registry.SoapWS

but when the artifact is created it contains all the files, but the bin folder is empty

and the second build configuration is failing when resolving artifact dependency as it gets a 404 error when it starts to download the artifact and reaches the files that are supposed to be in the bin folder (and it's even trying to find a Debug folder, even though the application was built in the Release configuration)

on the agent machine that is building this, the bin folder is not empty, it contains the Release folder with net461 inside with all the build output files that I need to have in the TeamCity artifact.

is there perhaps something that is excluding the content of the bin folder in TeamCity settings? am I creating the artifact wrongly?

any help would be appreciated.


The second build will only be able to find files that have been published as artifacts from your first build. From what you've shared with me, it doesn't seem like TeamCity sees the contents of the bin folder of your first build as available artifacts. If you navigate here,<first build id number>/artifacts?locator=recursive:true, do the files you are expecting get listed?


yes... the files are listed there

but they are not in the artifact


Hi Paunovic,

I wanted to let you know that I'm still investigating this. Can you confirm the two screenshots you've shared are of the same build number? It is very strange they do not match up.


I've checked again... it's the same build. I've marked the build id in the screenshots








I'm not sure why you can see it in one place and not the other. From what I understand, the two views should show the same data. Do you also see the bin/Debug folder in the Rest request?


The first build was built with the Release configuration settings... so there should be no bin/Debug folder, that's why it's also strange that the failed dependent build was looking for it do download from the artifact dependency


It could be possible that some of the artifacts may be getting blocked in some way. This could be due to antivirus, proxy, or other network configurations. There have been a few cases where certain file types were being blocked by IIS.

In order to test this out, please try to download the artifacts on the localhost, build agent, and TeamCity server using the Rest API and by the repository link used by the agent in your build log.

Also, please let me know whether or not you're using any external artifact storage.


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