Email notifications TLS 1.2 support


Recently we moved to another email provider,  and now I cannot setup the email notifier correctly.

If I choose StartTLS it sais "Cannot convert connection to TLS".
If I choose SSL it cannot connect at all.

I suspect the cause can be that the new provider only allows higher TLS version.

Is there any solution for this?


Hi, would you be able to provide the requirements for your email provider and which JDK version you are running?


I'm running the server on a Windows system, so I believe it uses it's own installed JRE.

TeamCity Professional 2019.1.5 (build 66605)



What kind of requirements are you interested in from the email provider?


I'm wondering about the security requirements from your email provider, such as which TLS versions does your email provider support and do they allow for a SSL connection? 

Also, are you seeing this error, "Cannot convert connection to TLS", when you click the test connection button? Can you paste the complete error message here for me (with any account info redacted)? Or, if you would be more comfortable with it, you may use the Submit a Request button up on the top of the page and your information will be shared privately with our support team.


The server allows both SSL/TLS and StartTLS connection.
It was tested with both Thunderbird and our own .NET app.
Based on our tests it only allows TLS 1.2 and nothing below that.

The results for both cases:




I have found we do have an issue reported in our YouTrack in regards to the email notifier and TLS 1.2, It certainly looks like your case could be related and I've included an internal reference to your forum post here. Please take a look at the issue and vote for it. We use our YouTrack site to determine which features and improvements are included in our releases, so your vote will make a difference. This issue will likely be addressed in the future, but I don't have any sort of ETA at this time.


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