Docker Login to ECR fails with Role Based STS


Since the update to TeamCity Enterprise 2019.1.4 (build 66526) all of our AWS ECR Connections are now all failing.

We authenticate into ECR with Temporary credentials via AWS STS using the role that is attached on to the TeamCity agent (EC2 instance). Then when the build runs we enable Docker support and Log in to the Docker registry before the build.

Now every time we run a build we get the error: "Unexpected error: Access key cannot be null"

We have never needed to provide Access and Secret Access keys and the Docker Login has always worked.

Access and Secret Access keys never used to be mandatory and now they are.

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Hi Tom, 

Thank you for reporting the problem. We were able to reproduce it, and I created the issue in our YouTrack. Please watch it to get all the updates. We'll attach a plugin version with the fix to the issue as soon as the fix is ready. 

Sorry for the inconvenience. 


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