Unable to run "runAll.sh" on Mac (Mojave) JAVA_HOME definition problem

When running runAll.sh I get the following error:

sh runAll.sh start

Spawning TeamCity restarter in separate process

TeamCity restarter running with PID 8634

Starting TeamCity build agent...

Java executable of version 1.5 is not found:

- Java executable is not found under the specified directories: '', '', '/Users/userName/TeamCity/buildAgent/bin/../jre', '/Users/userName/TeamCity/buildAgent/bin/../../jre'

- Neither the JAVA_HOME nor the JRE_HOME environment variable is defined

- Java executable is not found using 'java_home' utility

- Java executable is not found in the default locations

- Java executable is not found in the directories listed in the PATH environment variable


Please make sure either JAVA_HOME or JRE_HOME environment variable is defined and is pointing to the root directory of the valid Java (JRE) installation


Environment variable FJ_DEBUG can be set to enable debug output


Java not found. Cannot start TeamCity agent. Please ensure JDK or JRE is installed and JAVA_HOME environment variable points to it.


However, JAVA_HOME is set I can call echo $JAVA_HOME and see it. I can also call java -version. 

In addition I can even run the Tomcat server directly using catalina.sh 

I have tried all the different way of setting up the JAVA_HOME environment variable with no luck. What am I missing? 


Found the problem:

"Version is not supported (12+)"

Now I am confused because the documents point at the URL where I download Java:



So which Java is supported then? link please?


Ok I got it now. So the Java to install is:

Java SE 8u221

Clear as mud :)

Things seem to be working for the most part now !



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