Updating a field's type in a build step

I'm working on an existing plugin at the moment and we have the need to change the type of a field on one of our custom build steps. The field is currently a checkbox, stored as a boolean, and we need to change it to being a drop down with a couple of options. Two of the dropdown values essentially equate to true and false from the checkbox, so the translation to the new data values should be straightforward.

I'm new to TeamCity plugin development, and what I'm not sure about is how to actually migrate the existing data. I've been looking for a hook in the RunType for the step but nothing seems obvious there. Does anyone know what options there are for migrating this data?

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Internally parameters of runners are represented as a Map<String, String>. Usually plugin code does not depend on the presentation of the parameter. It depends on its value only. As long as the value of the parameter remains the same, presentation can be changed.

So instead of checkboxProperty.tag you can try using the selectProperty.tag and preserve the same parameter name.


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