Unmet Agent Requirements for 1 project


* I have 2 Projects based of the same build configuration templates

* The only difference between the 2 projects is I have modified the parameters.

* Both projects have the same agent requirements

* Project 1 Agent Requirements are met but Project 2's has some unmet Agent Requirements

* Have included a screenshot below.


Have tried the following:

* resetting the build agent and team city service

* resetting the entire Box with both team city and the build agent installed


Additional Info:

* Team City Version:  TeamCity Professional 2018.1 (build 58245)


Any suggestions on how to resolve would be much appreciated.


Hello Todd,

> Team City Version: TeamCity Professional 2018.1 (build 58245)

It makes sense to upgrade to the latest (2018.2.4) as there might be some related fixes if the problem is on TeamCity side.


What is displayed in the Compatible agents for the build configuration with compatible agents? Is there an agent with all the required properties defined in the pool associated with related project and without custom compatibility excluding the build configuration in question?


Hi Yegor Yarko


Thank you taking some time to look into this issue.

As per the screenshot above project 2 has the following requirements unmet:

  • Exists=>DotNetFrameworkTargetingPack4.7.1_.* exists
  • Exists=>DotNetFrameworkTargetingPack4.7_.* exists 
  • Exists=>DotNetFrameworkTargetingPack4.6.2_.* exists
  • Exists=>DotNetFrameworkTargetingPack4.7.2_.* exists

However Project 2 has the exact same requirements mentioned above listed as met.

Both projects are using the same build agent, so it does not make sense that for 1 project the requirements are met but for the second project the same requirements are not met.






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