Slack notification settings

We are using the "Slack Notification" settings feature on TeamCity.  Is there a way to select when a notification is sent to slack?  We would like to only send a notification that a build has succeeded if the last build failed, not for every build.  We want to be notified always when a build fails.



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Hi Josh,

That depends on which Slack Notifier plugin you are using. For example, in Slack Notiefier by Enliven you can do that by clicking Add New Rule and ticking Only notify on the first successful build after failed.

Please refer to your plugin vendor for more details.


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The specific Slack Notifiers I have found are decent, but I prefer to have complete control over the content and style of the messages being sent. 

This is why I switched to:

It's a bit more complex to setup, but once you get the hang of it, it's incredibly powerful.


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