Code inspections can't resolve symbol but build is successful

We are building a .Net Core Solution on TeamCity Professional 2018.2.3 and are using the built in code inspections. We also use code inspections locally with ReSharper. The problem is, that on the build server the inspections report some CSharpErrors. But our build runs successful. And also locally we don't have these reported errors. Only sometimes, when the solution is opened for the first time.

The errors are reported in a part of the code that is generated with ANTLR. 

What I tried was to do the inspection step manually with the command line tools and an extra "dotnet build" just before that. But this didn't help either.

Are there any suggestions how I can solve this problem?

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Hi Roland,


thanks for reporting. That's quite strange, although it might be a difference between teamcity's settings and resharper's settings. Please follow the steps here for collecting the information and logs required to debug this kind of issue:


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