Unable to Get Individual Emails on Build Failures


Running Teamcity 2018.2


I have this as my notifier setting, with no inherited notification schemes. My user profile has my email address, and my VCS Username is setup with the same email. The VCS roots are set up to display based on our email, so by what I've read and what the app prompts I should be able to do this. with my email. I can verify also that the SMTP server works because i can send myself test emails via Team City. 


What's missing that's preventing me from getting emails on this? I've tried whats in similar threads but I have not found a solution.




there is a dedicated teamcity-notifications.log file in the logs folder, as well as some information might be available into the teamcity-server.log file.


If there is no relevant information, you might want to enable "debug-notifications" under "Administration - Diagnostics", then try failing a build again, disable debug, collect the logs and send them to us for review. Please use the Submit a Request button on top of this page to do so.


Hello Denis, 


Thank you for getting back to me. I've turned on the logging, and based on what it says it finds 0 users with matching notification rules. Will submit a request.


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