Teamcity resolving artifact file path, replaces spaces with + when downloading

I have my TeamCity instance setup in localhost port 8080 and expose a IIS site on port 80 that rewrite my traffic to localhost:8080. The issue is when TeamCity is resolving artifact dependencies, it seems to be replacing spaces with +.
[Resolving artifact dependencies] Failed to resolve artifact dependency <Project 1, build #31 [id 1381]>: Failed to download file 'build/My File.png': Failed to download [https://my.domain:443/httpAuth/repository/download/Project1/1381.tcbuildid/build/My+File.png]: Illegal status [404] while downloading https://my.domain:443/httpAuth/repository/download/Project1/1381.tcbuildid/build/My+File.png: Not Found (jetbrains.buildServer.artifacts.impl.SourcePathAwareResolvingFailedException)
This is resulting in a 404. The correct URL that it should be hitting should be a URL encoded path https://my.domain:443/httpAuth/repository/download/Project1/1381.tcbuildid/build/My%20File.png
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Hi Mike,


this seems to be a common issue when using IIS as a proxy. Please check here for suggestions:


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