S3 Artifact publication

Hi -

I'm trying to publish an artifact to S3 from TeamCity 2018.2.3

The artifact is publishing OK, but I'm not happy with the location it is publishing to; I would like to be able to specify the location of the folder it is published to explicitly rather than getting the default structure.

I see that there was a modification made when tis function was performed as part of a separate plugin here:


but I've attempted to use the storage.s3.path.prefix build parameter and it doesn't appear to be having any effect.

Was this change included when the plugin became an integral part of the main product?


Thanks - Steve

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As was mentioned by Yegor in the issue, we have a request in our tracker for it. Further requests or comments for it are better addressed there: https://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issue/TW-52942


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