IntelliJ build command


I have problems getting my module to build in TeamCity. Specifically, it seems that the compile process doesn't see

external jar dependencies.

Sadly, I only get

Using javac 1.8.0_201 to compile java sources

in the build output. I'm using the 'IntelliJ IDEA Project' build step.

Is there any way to see what commands IntelliJ is invoking?

Passing '-classpath yx.jar' in 'JVM Command line parameters' in the IntelliJ build step does not help...




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Hi Sven,


usually the logs can be found in the build log, which often include which commands are being run. If you are using dependencies within your IDEA project, make sure to parse the project on TeamCity's UI, this should prompt you for the dependencies in case they cannot be found by TeamCity immediately.


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