Assigned incompatible configurations

My project is in .net visual studio 2017 ,I have configure project in teamcity and i have installed build agent on my development server 

when i click on run build it is showing that no compatible agent available .I have check build configuration it is showing me following 


 Assigned incompatible configurations (1)
Unmet requirements:
  • MSBuildTools12.0_x86_Path exists


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Hi Omkar,


this requirements are being picked up from the configuration. That means that you have set up a build step that requires MSBuild Tools 12.0, but they aren't being found in the agent. Please double check that either your build step settings are correct (if you are using the wrong version of the MSBuild tools) or that the agent has them installed and in their PATH. If you installed them after starting the agent, restarting it should get them detected.


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