Force rebuild of dependencies on Scheduled trigger

Hi, basically the same question as here: = how to have Scheduled trigger that forces all snapshot dependencies to be rebuilt - however our project is active so we do not want to disable "Do not run new build if there is a suitable one"

"Delete all files in the checkout directory before the build" + "apply to all snapshot dependencies" does not do the trick either

The only ways we can think of atm is to either:
1) add the Scheduled trigger on every dependant build, but that increases maintenance cost and is not a nice solution overall.
2) create a duplicate configuration with "Do not run new build if there is a suitable one" ... again not very elegant

... is there any other way?

Thank you

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Hi Jiri,


I'm afraid not directly, not beyond the options you have already explored. We'd usually consider having a template with separate configurations for improved visibility (you know instantly whether it was the scheduled build or a separate one).


A possible workaround to reduce maintenance would be to use the Kotlin DSL. By having code generate the build configurations, the maintenance to have a template will be reduced substantially, and templating configurations will be easier than having multiple triggers.

If this feature would be implemented, another possibility would be to force parameters to change in the initial build so that it would force a rebuild on the whole chain.


Please feel free to open a feature request in our tracker for the specific feature of adding that as an option for schedule triggers.


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