Build Unity project in TeamCity TestDrive

Good afternoon, 
I found a plugin for Unity3d and wanted to test it in TeamCity TestDrive before buying a license, but I didn’t find how to use it in TestDrive. Is it even possible to use plugins in TeamCity TestDrive and if so, how? 

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I'm afraid that plugins can only be added by server administrators, which means that it's not possible to add them to TestDrive on your own. We have recently released ourselves a plugin for Unity, and continue working on it, which means we might implement it in TestDrive at some point in the future, but it's not available right now and we don't have a timeframe for this to happen.


This said, TeamCity Professional Edition is completely free of charge and contains all features, so you should be able to test it in your own test environment without having to buy a license, allowing you to test both the functionality and everything else without the need to commit.


Hope this helps.


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