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On TeamCity Enterprise 2018.2.3 (build 61544) the <teamcity url>/externalStatus.html successfully returns/displays the build status page on the browser.

Adding the ?js=1, i.e. <teamcity url>/externalStatus.html?js=1 is meant to return something like:
document.write(' the externalStatus page html here');

Since upgrading to the above version the <teamcity url>/externalStatus.html?js=1 now returns:
document.write('<span class=\'teamCityErrorMessage\'>External status viewing is not enabled for the requested build configurations</span>');

The only documentation that I have been able to find talks about ticking the "enable status widget" on a build but that is not the problem as I can see the builds when not using &js=1
Is there a server config/setup required to enable the use of the js=1 parameter?

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Should anybody find this error and this thread regarding it, we conducted an internal investigation on it and found that it was a combination of factors leading to the issue. A proxy/reverse proxy lead to a connection timeout on the request for the status under some circumstances. To circumvent it, a timeout could be added:

as a server internal property, but it should be noted that it's still recommended to search for the network connectivity issue instead.


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