API Endpoint for Full Agent Audit Logs


I wasn't;t able to find this in the rest api docs but I was wondering if there was an endpoint that would allow me to extract the full historical list of updates/comments of a particular agent from the audit log not just the current comment.

At the moment, using /guestAuth/app/rest/agents/id:<agentid>/enabledInfo, I can get the current comment on the agent but not the full list of comments. The use case for this is, since TC  doesn't allow filtering the agents page on disabled agents (or our current version 2017.1.6 at the least does not have this), we need a tool we can use to view disabled agents and there history but at the moment we have no endpoint to obtain historical changes on agents.



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Hi Ahmer,

At the moment, audit records aren't available through REST API (vote for this feature).

Currently, to see the comment history of a disabled agent you can go to Agents page (http://buildserver:port/agents.html), sort agents by status, click on a disabled agent, and click View audit log on the agent summary tab. That would show you the history of actions/comments related to a particular (disabled) agent.



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