Build agent some plugins are missing / outdated

Our cloud-based build agents are now stating that they have missing / outdated plugins.

This is usually caused by a TeamCity update requiring a newer agent, however this time it is something else causing the issue.

What is the best way to find out which plugin is missing or outdated?




the usual approach here would be to boot up manually one agent, and see it upgrade, then either check there what is being updated, or recreate the image based on the new state. 


Alternatively, you could boot up the image regularly, pick up the plugin list from the agent and compare it with the plugin list from the server.


If all plugins are up to date, please collect the agent logs and send them to us for review.


I found the issue.

We use Packer to build the build agent AMI and it was creating the AMI before the agent was able to obtain updates from TeamCity.

Adding a 3-minute sleep on the end of our Packer script allowed the agent to be updated before creating the AMI.


Many thanks @Kbrooke, your post made me realise we'd be doing agent packing wrong – we never even started the agent during provisioning let alone waited for updates!

Rather than sleeping we now have:


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