Getting jdk warning for openjdk 11

We have openjdk 11 installed on a few our agents and getting this warning message in the UI

```Some build agents run under Java less than 1.8, the recommended version. Earlier Java versions will not be supported in future TeamCity releases. ```




which version of TeamCity are you running? Java 11 is still not officially supported, support for java 10 was recently introduced for the build agents. This error has been common under some scenarios in older installations as the tool we used to detect java installations reported Java 10/11 as older versions instead, due to the naming convention they generated.


With this in mind:

-We cannot currently recommend using Java 11 to run the build agents process, as we haven't tested it enough. You are welcome to test it and report in our tracker any issues you find, although we would recommend running the last teamcity release for that, as issues that show up in previous versions could be already fixed.

-The warning can be safely ignored in what it explicitly says, but keeping in mind that, being untested, unexpected bugs may arise.


Hope this helps.



When can we expect jdk 11 to be supported?


Usually this warnings can be hide, but not this one. Its kind of annoying to have this warning all over TeamCity. Is there any way to hide this warning? 


Hi Pieter,


we are working on it. We don't have a set timeline for its support, but keep on testing and fixing issues that might arise. As far as we are aware, as of now, most issues are fixed and it should work for the most part.


We have an issue in our tracker that you can follow:


Of course, you are welcome to try and report any issues you might find.


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