How to make a Bitbucket POST webhook to TeamCity?

Good morning to everyone!

I've already serched and struggled on this argument... without success.

We have:

  • Bitbucket Cloud
  • Local TeamCity server and agents

The problem is the following: run build with webhooks and not with polling.

TeamCity side, for trig a build there are only two POST URL:

  • a deprecated one with parameters in the query string (note: docs says "HTTP GET" but "405 Only POST method is allowed for this request")
  • the "new" one with parameters in the request body

Bitbucket side:

  • webhook are only in GET (we need to make a POST)
  • i can't find how to specify wildcard/placeholder for URL/Body parameters as "actual branch"
  • there are little few plugins that can help, but they aren't available for cloud

Nice plugin: http-request-hook-for-bitbucket-server - it will solve our problem, performing a request with a wildcard to the deprecated Teamcity url... but isn't available for Bitbucket Cloud.

Any suggestions on how to make this works?

Thanks in advance.

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Hi Andrea,


I'm afraid we don't have a webhook plugin for bitbucket cloud, so the only option is to set one up manually. We have instructions for that here:


Our recommendation, instead of triggering a build, is to notify the "commitHookNotification" endpoint, as that will instead force a VCS check and trigger all the required VCS Triggers. Then the VCS Triggers should be kept and the checking for changes period should be set to a large number. More details in the article above.


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