Hi David,


TeamCity uses caches extensively wherever we consider they provide an improvement. Artifacts are cached, directories are kept untouched unless you configure features to remove them, etc.


If you are looking for something specific in terms of caching, please feel free to be more specific.


Hi Denis, we're running Cucumber to test a Rails app on multiple agents on EC2 using Cloud Agents.

When Cloud Agents starts a new instance I'd prefer if the instance didn't have to do a "bundle install"  because this can be time-consuming.

Travis CI caches the results of the bundle install so that it is available to each instance https://docs.travis-ci.com/user/caching/#caching-directories-bundler-dependencies

Is TC doing this behind the scenes and I'm not aware of it?





Hi David,


I'm afraid this is not one of the scenarios where we cache it, provided you are using cloud agents based on images, as the same image will be spun up every time, independently of the previous changes to it. Regular VMs that aren't spun up from an image will keep indeed the contents and shouldn't be cleared under normal circumstances (there are situations where they will be cleared), so this might be an option in your scenario.


When wanting to save full directories, another option would be to extract them as artifacts, although I'm not sure there is any difference between saving artifacts server-side that need to be pulled or running a bundle install (which might need to be run anyway if there are new gems or versions that need to be set up).


Yes, I think there has to be some logic around whether the cache in invalid and bundle install has to be run again. I think that is what Travis is doing.

Thanks for your help.


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