Pause Project - REST API


Is there a way that I can pause all build configurations within a project by giving the project id?

I wrote a script to do this which gets all builds for project id, pauses them - but I have to then go through all queued builds, and also running builds to  cancel them.

I know on the UI it gives me the option of cancelling queued builds. I''d just like to know if it's possible with using the REST API.


Example of the script:

PutRequest(getTeamCityRestApiUrl() + 'buildTypes/id:' + buildType + '/paused', 'false')


Is it possible to add more parameters to cancell all builds for that id? 


It's not possible to cancel the builds from the REST call directly, but it should be possible to cancel all builds from a build type on a single request by simply ensuring the builds locator covers them all.


Hi Denis

I can currently cancel builds running on agents, and in the queue. But what I'd like to be able to do is to cancel all builds by a build type when I pause - similar to when I pause a build configuration and I have the option to cancel all queued. Or even better if I'm able to do it at a project level

It's just a concern that if there are 1000's of builds queued, then this would be a lot harder to handle.


I don't think adding in a build locator - eg buildTypes?locator=affectedProject:<projectId>/paused - adding "true" in plain text to the request

or likewise for cancelling all builds by the locator. 




As I mentioned, this isn't currently possible, and it should be pretty straightforward, when requesting pausing a build configuration via the REST API, to send a second request to cancel all builds. We can't really see that having thousands of builds queued it would be harder to handl than instead of passing an extra parameter doing a separate, one-way REST call.


If you would still like to see this as a feature, please open a request in our tracker. We would request that you please explain the scenario and why the single-separate call wouldn't work.


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