Composite build reports test results from transitive dependencies

We have a composite build that has 5 snapshot dependencies. Four them are the system test suites we want reported in aggregate, while the fifth is a job that makes sure a pull request has appropriate labels that indicate these slow tests suites should run.

This fifth job also has a unit tests job as a dependency, so that system tests are only run if unit tests are green. However, these unit tests are also being included in the composite build report, even though it is a transitive dependency. Is there a configuration to exclude these test results?


Hi Christian,


first things first, I'd like to confirm that this is the expected behavior. A composite dependency pulls the results from the whole chain, not just its direct dependencies.


  • A composite build aggregates results from dependencies, e.g. it aggregates all of the tests and shows all failed/muted or ignored tests of the chain in a single place, the same applies to code coverage or results of code inspection/code duplicates analysis


The only option here would be to extract the unit tests to a separate chain. If you would like to see this as a feature, please report it to our tracker:


Hi Denis,

Thanks for the reply. I missed “of the chain” in the docs.

I’ll file a feature request to add an option to only aggregate direct dependencies of the composite build.



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