Manually force "Do not terminate" for an EC2 instance

From time to time I need to investigate an issue with my EC2 instances.  All EC2 instances are set up as 'Terminate after the first build' and 'Terminate after X minutes of being idle.'  These are the right settings for normal flow, but it is bad for the investigations since when the job is over I will lose the machine.

Is there a way to somehow tell TeamCity not to terminate specific agent when the job is over?


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the most common scenario here would be to add a final build step to the builds that collects some diagnostics data and publishes them as artifacts. You could clear those artifacts later if you don't need any investigation on that build.


Other than that, you could try to pause a build, which should keep the agent on hold, to then connect to the agent, but I'm not sure how viable this will be, as it'll likely trigger the "X minutes of being idle" condition.


Other than that, I don't think there is any other way to retain the instances. If you would like to see this, it might be worth sending a feature request to our tracker:


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