Proxy and domain exception

I'm currently using Team with project on GitHub and on my local TFS.

To acces github, I setup the env variable like that and it's works

But now I can't access to my local TFS. I try and * in nonProxyHosts but the VCS return an 502 error.
Could you help me to setup my proxy exception correctly ?
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> But now I can't access to my local TFS

Please describe which TeamCity TFS integrations are affected: VCS root (Git or TFVC), TFS Work Items, Commit status publisher, etc.

If it's TFVC and you're running TeamCity server on Windows machine it may be caused by usage of .NET working mode in TFS integration. To switch to cross-platform java working mode please follow the instruction here. After that your configured proxy properties will take affect on TeamCity TFS integration.

If it's not the case or TFS integration still does not work please file an issue in the TeamCity tracker and privately attach "teamcity-tfs.log" for investigation.


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