TeamCity SonarCube maven submodules

I have three levels of modules in project


I try to integrate teamcity and sonarcube using TeamCity plugin. I try to define modules like on the picture

But I've got an error

ERROR: Caused by: Validation of project reactor failed:
 o "xxxx:parent:integration/api" is not a valid project or module key. Allowed characters are alphanumeric, '-', '_', '.' and ':', with at least one non-digit.


Then i try next 

This makes new error

 Caused by: The base directory of the module 'integration.api' does not exist: /work/buildagent/work/4378ba1d8b2684e8/./integration.api

Is it possible to define nested modules?

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Hi Alexey,


sorry for the delay. I've gotten in touch with the developer of the plugin, and he's confirmed that we just take the parameters and pass them to the command line provided by sonar themselves. If the command line tool supports nested modules, it should be supported with the same format, if it is at all. If you could try with the command line tool using the same command and it works, please fill an issue in our tracker:, as there might be some problems with encoding if that's the case that we might need to double check.


Just to confirm, we have not tested explicitly this scenario.


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