Investigations and multiple branches for a build configuration

When you have a build configuration covering multiple branches (default branch and others specified by the branch specification), it seems that failing tests from a non-default branch can be cleared when that test passes on the default branch.

We would like that the branch where the test failed, is the only branch that the make the test go green again. The default branch should have no say in this.

Is this possible ?

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Hi Bo,


It's a common scenario that tests passing in the default branch on builds after they have failed in a separate branch will fix the issues, thus the behaviour would be correct in some scenarios and incorrect in some others, but it's hard to automatically detect which is better.

Some possibilities here:

-Disable the default branch, leave it empty and add it to a regular branch. If it's not the default branch, branches will be tracked separately.

-Disable automatically closing investigations. If investigations must be closed manually, there is no issue with the default branch closing them.

-Separate the build configuration for the default branch and the build configuration for the rest of the builds.


Hope this helps.

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Hi Denis,

Actually, i think that not having a default branch might work, i seem to recall that was due to TeamCity Theatre working better with a default branch. The use case for us is separate branches with separate investigations,which sounds a lot like the first possibility.


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