Exclude branches for build status


is there a way to exclude some branches for consideration for the build status?

The reason is that we have review branches, e.g. branches with work in progress for the various users. There are often build issues and failing tests on these branches, which causes the status of the corresponding build configuration and projects to be constantly red. These doesn't reflect the reality, since the important branches (master...) are fine.

According to the documentation, only the personal builds are excluded from the build status. Using personal builds is not an option because  these builds must be visible all users. Is there another way to control the build status? A simple and effective solution would be to provide a branch specification for the status.



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Hi Olivier,


while the docs state that personal builds are excluded, it also mentions that it should only change the build configuration to failed if currently running builds are failing, or if the master (default) branch is in a failed status.

There are some ways to manipulate the build/project status. More info here: https://confluence.jetbrains.com/display/TCD18/Build+Configuration#BuildConfiguration-StatusDisplayforSetofBuildConfigurations

A workaround here if you keep having failing builds in branches would be to separate build configurations for your master branch and those for branches. That would also allow you to have separate reporting for devs and their branches and for the important branches.

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Hi Denis,

thanks for the hints, I wasn't aware of all options. The workaround has more drawbacks than benefits though in my opinion. We will just continue to ignore the failed status.



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