Agent properties editor from server plugin


I have been trying to write a plugin to be able to update the file on the agent from a custom tab on the agent details page.

What I have achieved is:

1. Created simple tab extension to display from a shared location

2. Ability to update the in the shared location from the custom tab

3. Agent side plugin to look for changes every 30 mins at the shared location and see if there is any change (md5 checksum) and if there is update the local file from the one at the shared location.


Now the question is - if it is possible to somehow remove the need for the shared location for this operation.


I think I am not able to somehow figure out how to implement the server to agent communication (and vice-versa) and basically do not know where to start looking at. Any pointers would be really helpful.

PS: One benefit of this shared location is that I have a build configuration which tracks any changes in the repository and then calls another script to update the file depending on the type of change. This would basically get picked up on the agent after 30 mins.

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