Developing plugin to display visual results based on published artifact

I am very new to TeamCity plugin development and I am trying to wrap my head around the conceptual approach of developing a plugin pertaining to the title. During my build process a .csv file gets made containing important data. Previously I had a python script that would run and convert it into an html table which would then be displayed as a custom build report tab (the html file being an artifact published via service message). This was nice, but static html is a little too simple for my needs, hence I have turned to plugin development. Can someone give me a high-level understanding of how I could grab artifacts and format them in a custom page or tab for each build using a plugin, openAPI, RestAPI, etc.? I got as far as completing some tutorials on the most basic aspects of building a plugin, but the rest of the doc was a little tough for me to make sense of. My learning curve is a little steep, I didn't even know what Maven was before attempting this. Any explanation, examples, or anything to set me on the right path is greatly appreciated.


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