Storing data from a build step

I have a build step that analyses how builds use docker images and reports any vulnerabilities and potential fixes in the logs.

I would like to present the same data in the TeamCity UI, as an additional column on the affected builds. I know how to do this, including how to integrate my changes into the existing UI. But I don't know where best to store the underlying data itself.

Is there a convenient place I can store some JSON object that is calculated during a build step? I reviewed this post prior to asking this question: It mentions a way to store data for processes that run on the Server. My process would run on an Agent, and in any case the method referenced in the above post above appears to be depreciated. Is there a better way?


I'm pretty sure that this is impossible in TeamCity right now, I tried something similar recently.


I think you can just store JSON data in a build variable. Like = "{"SomeJSON": "object"}"?


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