Nuget Server is not visible in adminstration page after install


I'm running TeamCity 2018.1 with installed plugin "Nuget Support" v58245 (builtin).

But under adminstration at the "Integrations" menu the options for nuget are not visible. I've restarted my TeamCity instance multiple times.

Is additional software required to configure and use the nuget feed?

Thanks in advance.


Does anybody has a suggestion? I haven't found a way to update the builtin version of the Nuget Support plugin. Reinstall of Nuget Tool 4.7 didn't solve the problem...


S74022, you can look at logs folder(file catalina.out and/or other log files). May be it has any errors or exceptions about nuget. If any errors are present, you can post them to here.


I looked in every Logfile und searched for "nuget" string...there are no errors, just logs that nuget default package is installed and nuget agent is initialized. I can try to update the nuget integration to the newest beta.


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