REST API Option to Import Project Settings from VCS Root


Is it possible to have TeamCity load all project settings from a programmatically attached VCS Root?

We have a base TeamCity configuration from which we can spin up a brand new TeamCity instance quickly, but have a VCS Root to synchronize project settings with. This gives us a tracked history of configuration changes for the instance as well as a backup of custom changes. One component of that base configuration is a job that hooks up the VCS root and enables synchronization. This should make automatic disaster recovery much simpler.

If we have to stand up a new TeamCity instance, we would like to simply create a VCS Root with synchronization enabled and have it pull all the changes from that. It appears overridden configuration parameter values or paused jobs - while backed up to the VCS Root when changed in the original TeamCity instance - are overwritten when the new instance has synchronization enabled.

It appears this option is available when configuring the VCS Root for synchronization manually; a small pop-up box titled "Existing Project Settings Detected" has option to "Import settings from VCS" which behaves as expected (screenshot below). However, the TeamCity REST API does not seem to expose this option.

Thank you!


I also would be interested in having this feature added in. My team is in a similar predicament.

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currently this ability is not exposed in TeamCity REST API. You can create us an appropriate feature request into our bug tracker.

Also  as a workaround, you can capture the request details using some external tool,
understand the request structure and make your script sending similar request with due user authentication.


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