NUnit XML Report Processing does not Generate a Test Tab in the Build Overview

I am in the process of trying to use XML report processing build feature. The XML report is generated on a VM and then I drop the report into a folder location TeamCity is looking for it. Originally, I was using MSTest runner to run WinAppDriver (GUI testing) Tests, and that generated a TRX file, and I would drop the file into the aforementioned location TeamCity was looking for it. This would be parsed and a Test Tab would show up with the parsed test results. 


So the highlighted blue shows the test tab and when clicked shows the tests that were run, and that the TRX file was parsed successfully. However, I was asked to convert the TestFrame work from MSTest to NUnit. I completed the conversion and switched the build feature's settings to expect NUnit XML report to process. Did the same thing and dropped the XML report into the same folder, and it looks like it was successfully parsed however there isn't a test tab that is generated. 


I wanted to know if the XML report process differs from MSTest TRX to NUnit XML, and if it does how so? For specifics I am using NUnit test runner 3.9 however, I converted the XML generation to NUnit's 2 and given the same result. 


Any sort of insight would be extremely helpful! Thanks


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