VCS Checkout Mode Server Side - The Rationale


Hi guys,

Regarding the VCS Checkout Mode (, I would like to understand what is the rationale behind the decision of making server-side checkout the default option.

We were evaluating the tool and, since we have a very large repository, this was in fact causing a lot of speed problems due to the extra network transfers needed to get the files on the agents.

Only now I figured out that this setting was available, and I'm very curious about the rationale of the decision of making a server-side checkout the default option. Could you enlighten me a bit, please? :)

Best Regards,

Diogo Oliveira


Hello Diogo,

Since TeamCity 10 version the default setting changed to "Prefer to checkout files on agent". Please see the updated section in documentation: Agent-side checkout is faster and frees more server resources. Server side checkout is easier to set up and was used as default historically.


Hi Alina,

Thanks for the fast reply. In fact, I think that having client-side checkout as a default makes much more sense than the server-side one, so I'm glad you made that change for this version.

Best Regards,

Diogo Oliveira


We are using perforce proxy and using the same proxyserver using in VCS settings,our source repository also very big.In our case agent checkout worked well.

We have added artifactory dependencies to full fill one of our requirement. From then onward VCS checkout started behaving weirdly with error unable to delete workspace and proxy unable to reach you. (Sometimes good)

We tried all possible ways and changed to serverside checkout helped to resolve issue.


Serverside checkout taking 3 time more time to chekout repository

Why agentside checkout issue with artifactory dependencies?

Any resolution highly appreciated.

Let me know for any more information you required.



Hi Surya,


please, don't answer in topics that are several years old with a barely related question. It's better to create a new one.


To your specific problem, it's hard to understand in a vacuum and without error logs or anything. Please open a new thread and post stacktraces of the errors, relevant parts of the build log, etc.


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