Migrating versioned settings to Teamcity 10


I recently updated to TeamCity 10 but I'm not sure how to update my project's versioned settings to the new format.

The project uses the old xml format and it is now difficult to update. Ideally I'd simply like to turn of versioned settings and then turn on the new format versioned settings.

The issue is that the options to enable/disable versioned settings for this project are disabled (greyed out). Every other project cannot enable versioned settings due to this error: 

  Versioned settings are disabled for all projects, reason: settings in VCS correspond to another TeamCity version

Any idea how I can resolve this issue?

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Hi James,

This is by design, versioned settings are deisabled after the upgrade and show a health report saying that settings are disabled with a button which enables them and commit current configs to VCS. You can find this server health report on Administration > Server Health page and enable version settings.

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Hi, could you introduce some upgrade settings such that the server could auto-perform re-enabling version settings post-upgrade? it's easy for the admin to forget this step and once it goes out of sync after a few days, it's really painful to fix the source for individual renamed / removed project to get it back in sync


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