Finished Build trigger not triggering for when using a parameter to indicate the default branch


For a build configuration when I hardcode the Default branch to a static string the initial build configuration gets queued and executes and another build defined in a Finished Build Trigger executes when the first build completes.

When I change the Default branch to be a configuration parameter (so that we can specify any branch to build) the 2nd build no longer gets triggered when the 1st build completes.  If I look at the build chain the 2nd build will say "Not triggered".

Is there some way to support this use case?  We are trying to have a generic build that will execute against a GIT branch that can be specified by the user.



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I should add the parameter is a configuration parameter I have added called BranchName and I have set the Default branch of the VCS Root to this parameter: %BranchName%


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