Remote Run (command line) - get build id

I've not seen it any of the logs but is there an easy way to find out the build id of the remote run that you've triggered.

The only way I've worked out of doing it is by using the rest api to try and find the build, but it has lots of nasty edge cases.

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Hello Ross,

Sorry for delay in replying. Why do you need to get the build id after triggering build using command line remote run plugin?

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Basically I've written a tool that works with Perforce so a user can trigger a personal build from a specific change list to a selected build config.

Once its been kicked off it would be good for the tool to be able to:

* tail the build log

* give build result info when the build finishes

* provide a link to the build so they can check it in TC


To do this I need to know the build number so I can then look it up in the rest API,


So far the best way I've found is to put a unique item in the build comment then search for all personal builds then look up the comments to find the running build.


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