Sequence of Build Steps using files from previous step



I am currently trying to have multiple build steps that are using the files generated by a previous build step. Tried to work with dependencies but this didnt help.

I got two steps:

1. Command Line: This generates Visual Studio solutions via cmake

2. Visual Studio: I'd like to build the solutions. And here is the problem. How can I refer to the *.sln file? The files available are only the root of the VCS without the results of the previous step.

How can I get the files from one build step to the next?



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Hi Felix,

If you run these two build steps in one build configuration, then they should run in the same checkout directory and files should be preserved.

If you want to have separate build configurations, you can configure Artifact dependency to download artifacts produced by Command Line in Visual Studio build configuration. 

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Perfect. Thanks for the answer. I was not sure about the "same checkout" dir. But got it working now. Thanks a lot.


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