Execute command line before timeout



I have configured a unit test build step using google test in command line. I have also configured a timeout, let's say: I don't want the unit tests to run more than xx minutes.

When it happens, I'd like to know the callstack before killing the process, by using a command line tool like ProcDump. But to achieve that, I need to launch the tool just before the timeout.

Is there a trigger or another way to execute a command line before the timeout kills the process?

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I am not aware of such a mechanism in Team City to my knowledge. You probably need to have your own wrapper which executes necessary command when the timeout triggers and just before killing the process.

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Hi Tony,

You can add the last build step with Execution step: "Always, even if build stop command was issued" option selected. In this case the last step will run even if build fails because of timeout.


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