EC2 cloud image - Spot instance request configuration


I have several questions about cloud image configuration when you want to use spots:

1. Is there way to create spot requests which will looks for cheapest availability zone or it using that strategy by default?
2. Are you planning to add option to select several instance types for spot requests?
3. What does Availability zone: default (when no VPC subnet selected) means? which zone will it takes?



Hi Pavel,

1) It uses the default strategy, not selecting the cheapest zone

2) Yes, we plan to improve the way we work with spot instances, but not sure if it would be in 10.0.x

3) It uses the availability zone as mentioned here:

However, if you are using VPCs, you anyway have to select the subnet, which is always tied to a certain availability zone.


Yes, we already discussed problem of VPC networks and Subnets in another thread :)


Thanks a lot for the answers! Have a nice day! 


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