Funny situation


After struggling for 6 hours to make Jenkins work with Bitbucket https git (tip: you have to install an older version of git, not the latest) I said enough is enough, lets try something more professional. So comes the TeamCity. After installing the 851mb package on a fresh Windows server I click Create Project -> Pointing to Bitbucket Cloud repository -> Sign in to Bitbucket -> I enter my Bitbucket credentials and boom:

This integration is misconfigured. Contact the vendor for assistance.


So unlucky.

Permanently deleted user

Hello, George.

Please verify the correctness of TeamCity Server URL in Administration->General Settings.


If you still wish to find the cause of the problem, then we need more details about your configuration. Also, in TeamCity you can skip this step altogether and simply create a Git repository VCS root. You don't need to connect TeamCity to Bitbucket for that. In other words configured connection can simplify creation of projects but if it is not configured, it does not prevent you from using TeamCity and Bitbucket together.


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