TeamCity doesn't copy necessary resources to build project


I have a class right now that depends on a resource bundle buried under src/resources/[resource bundle].

But TeamCity can't seem to find the bundle when it builds the project or copy it over into it's build directory, and my class that depends on the bundle throws an exception, causing the whole build to fail.

The project builds just fine in Intellij and it has no problem building the resources with the rest of my classes.

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The problem was resolved via email. The solution is:

Gradle related files are defined in .idea/libraries/Gradle__*, these files are computer specific and are regenerated by IDEA.
To workaround the problem, you can use Gradle IDEA plugin: It generates files that are used by IntelliJ IDEA.
To use it replace the first build step with Gradle build step with task "idea": 
Thought the recommended approach is to use Gradle runner. I think you'd better ask at how to deal with running tests with Gradle.


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