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Currently we are running with just TeamCity. But we have a requirement to move to using both TeamCity and Go. To ensure that the process flows we start life in TeamCity then at the point of System Build we move to using Go. While not ideal, we feel that this will give us better coverage and greater viability. To this end we need to take the artefacts that have been created in TeamCity and allow Go to pick them up and use them.

One suggestion has been for TeamCity to store them in a Package Repository, but as I don't have much knowledge of TeamCity I am unsure how to do this, or in fact if this is the best option.

Could you provide some assistance please?



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Hello Matt,

TeamCity artifacts are stored in TeamCity data directory and can be accessed via REST API

If you need to manage artifacts not only in TeamCity and need more power around it, external artifact repository seems a good choice. I believe for a general-purpose popular artifact repository you basically have two alternatives: Nexus or Artifactory. There is a third party plugin available for Artifactory.


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